Better search engine's unpaid results

SEO is used to get better search rankings. Search engine optimization will bring you new costumers, for which you do not have to pay.

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is a one of the fundamental marketing channels bringing visitors though unpaid, organic results. The goal of each website is to get visitors, who will become customers, readers od loyal fans of the project. To achieve the first positions in the search engines, the website must meet current technical criteria set by search engines (“on page” factors) and at the same time must be sufficiently authoritative and popular (“off page” factors). In general, optimization can be divided into two basic blocks:

  • “on page” optimization (headlines, labels, correct structure and navigation, valid source code and many more)
  • “off page” optimization (link backlinks from relevant sources – link building)

We offer individual approach and tailor-made solutions for every website. Each web presentation requires a different marketing strategy and SEO access. There is no uniform procedure to guarantee the success of the first positions in the search engines. Unpaid positions in the search engines cannot be guaranteed. Website search engine optimization is a long-distance run, and the first results show in about 4-6 months depending on industry competition.


Boost your web in search engines

Our SEO services will help you to make your site more visible in search engine results.

Improve your ranking

We will guarantee keyword positions and the associated increase in search result.

We will increase the number of new visitors / customers

The increased number of visits from organic search will increase the number of your customers and profits.

We will build your brand

Building your position and authority in search engines is also building your brand.

How does the collaboration work?

Getting acquainted with the client and his business

Successful site optimization requires familiarity with the client's website and business.

Analyse keywords and design a new website

TThe basis of the newly started project is a well-designed structure based on real data. Based on client business information, we will prepare an analysis of the key (including classification analysis) and propose the structure of the new project.

SEO audit and keyword selection

In case of the optimization of an established website is followed a review with the client and his website SEO audit, including the audit of on page factors and the current status of the link profile. Part of the process is also proposal for technical changes of project and control after its successful implementation. The keyword design will be consulted with the client and we will adjust the selection based on which words are sufficiently searchable and commercially interesting to the client.

Link building & PR

An important part is building backlinks and enhancing the authority of the domain. Backlinks are built from thematically relevant websites in order to increase the authority of the domain, awareness of the brand and the acquisition of new customers.

Monitor keyword search rankings and report results

The service includes monitoring of key words, including the monitoring of changes the rankings of the keywords of competing portals. At the end of the month, the client receives a report containing report of an optimization progress, a list of received backlinks and report containing changes of keywords.

I would like to ask more about... (FAQ)

The foundation for a successful presentation of your business, services, and products is a modern website with a well-designed structure, responsive design and relevant content. The website is the gateway to the online world and the first step on the way to increasing your company's revenue and profits
We distinguish between paid and unpaid traffic. Paying visitors can come from different channels like PPC systems ( Adwords, Sklik), paid advertising on social networks ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram..), from display campaigns, email campaigns, landing pages, and other sources. In the case of paid advertising, you pay for each click or a certain number of purchased impressions or emailed messages. Organic Traffic is one of the most popular channels to bring visitors. By locating your relevant visitors, potential customers, the search results (Google) at the top of the page. Just because of the right optimization of the website, you will get better positions, which will lead to an increase in organic traffic. You can also get unpaid traffic through your own promotion on social networks, forums, blogs, and other platforms.
For each project we propose an individual solution. Every business has its own specifics, which in the first step we consult with the customer, we evaluate the current status of the website and its profile link. The result is a specific offer with a precise budget. Every customer is familiar with what he can expect for his money. Cooperation is always built on transperancy and trust between the two parties involved.
SEO is a run for a long track. An initial SEO analysis will reveal the technical deficiencies that are removed from the recommendations. Consequently, we will focus on strengthening domain authority and awareness of the company & brand. Typically, the results will show up to 4-6 months depending on the industry and the competition involved.
Organic search results, keyword positions can not be guaranteed. Search Engine Algorithm is constantly changing and no SEO agency can guarantee specific keyword positions.

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