Custom Scripting Development

Do you need to get a large number of contacts from an external website? Do you have exported data from one system and need to get it into the new system?             
Through the use of scripts, we can collect data from any sources available online.

Web crawlers and data collection

Automated data collection from web sites such as collecting e-mails, geographical position of shops/plants/establishments/companies/concerns, the prices of air tickets and other.

Migration of data between systems

Adjustment of data from old systems to move to the new systems.

Modification of systems

It is not always necessary to build a new system, sometimes it is enough to program the new functionality.

Automated data modelling

The data itself may not have value, it is required of them to gain information that will be profitable, to serve the automated mathematical models for the prediction of the future developments.

Data collection, processing and evaluation

In the online world is a very large amount of data. These data can be for your projects the key. Manual processing of the large number would be extremely exacting and in practice impossible. Therefore, the use of automated scripts is reasonable. In comparison with manual collection, with these scripts, the data is collected only for a fraction of the time.

After collection of data it is necessary to be stored in a usable form (for example in MS Excel) so that it was possible to simply work with them. Another example may be data exported from one web system, which is necessary to adjust so that it can be imported into the new system.

For each of the data is important to their maximum use. For example, as a list of email contacts the particular industry, from which you can reach as your clients. For data that shows developments (for example, the development of prices), it is possible to automate tools for the model the equation for better prediction of the future developments.

How cooperation works?

The name of the service already suggests that there is no universal procedure that would accurately respond all of the solutions in the same way.
Therefore, the individual process and project conditions are agreed for each client at the beginning of the cooperation.

I would like to ask more about... (FAQ)

For web crawlers, we use Python. System editing uses the languages in which the systems are written. In most cases we use PHP.
In most cases, the time for programming will be estimated before starting, and the calculated price will be based on that.

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